A Jewish man from the Givat Zeev district of Tel Aviv is suing the city, alleging that he contracted the disease from an Arab woman who was working in a bar and had an affair with him.

The suit filed in a civil court on Wednesday seeks $250,000 in damages and an order that the city of Tel-Aviv stop its “abusive and discriminatory policies” against Jews and Arab residents of the city.

The lawsuit was filed in the same court where two Arab men were acquitted in June over the murder of a young Jewish man who was found stabbed to death at his home.

The victim’s mother, Yair, who was also in court on Tuesday, said she was looking forward to receiving her son’s body.

“This is a tragedy.

The whole world is watching, but I feel ashamed because I am the victim,” she said.

“I want justice for my son.

I feel that the whole world wants justice for him.

My son deserves it.”

In the suit, filed on behalf of Yair Yachon, who is from the district of Neve Tzedek, Yachont’s family accuses the city and its leaders of “abusing, harassing and discriminating against me, my son and my friends.”

In a statement released by the city in July, the city said the city is committed to providing equal treatment to all residents.

“The City of TelAviv and its employees are dedicated to the protection of all residents and the rights of all individuals,” the statement said.