The pope said fasting, prayer and meditation could be a ‘very effective way of healing the body’.

Francis said fasting could be an ‘important way of repairing the body’, which has a ‘massive impact’ on people with Crohn’s and Colitis.

He said: ‘The day of God is fasted, prayer, meditation and a whole day of rest.’

Francis also urged people to eat healthy foods, exercise and to make a ‘whole diet’ of ‘healthful’ foods.

He said the key to recovery is ‘not to be afraid of being sick, but to be proud of being healthy’.

The Pope also spoke about the need to eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce the consumption of meat, fish and dairy products and drink less alcohol.

He also said ‘a day of healing of our body’ could be ‘the most important thing we do’ to heal the planet.

Pope Francis says we should eat healthy food, exercise, and to take time to heal our bodies from disease source RTV News channel – BBC News article Francis said ‘we must change our behaviour’.

He also called for people to be ‘a little more patient’ with each other, but stressed the ‘life-long commitment’ to being good stewards of the planet should be respected.

The Pope, who has also been an advocate for the environment, said the Catholic Church is ‘an ecumenical, international community of faith, hope and action’.

The first Latin American pope was elected in 1998, and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church has also become a prominent campaigner for the protection of biodiversity, animal rights and the environment.

The pontiff also called on people to ‘take time to live and breathe’, and said the world is in the midst of a ‘time of great joy and hope’.

Francis has previously said that he ‘can’t wait’ to become pope and has been seen at the Vatican on several occasions in recent months.

He has also said he wants to travel the world, and has said he would like to ‘restore and strengthen’ the Catholic church.

He was elected at a time of global turmoil and political turmoil.

Francis’ visit comes just weeks after he addressed a packed audience in the Vatican.

The Holy See said Francis will give a ‘special audience’ to a global community of believers and the Church in a ceremony which is being organised in partnership with the Vatican-based Interfaith Alliance for the Americas.

The ceremony will take place in St Peter’s Basilica on the Vatican’s first Sunday after the Pope’s inauguration.