The Mayo Clinic has released a new information card that explains the common symptoms of thyroid disease and how to manage your condition.

The new card, titled “Treatment of Thyroid Disease Symptoms: Common Symptoms” and designed to help patients manage their symptoms, includes information about:The card, which is being released this week, includes more than 100 symptoms and symptoms explanations and information to help people better understand the symptoms and treatment options available.

It is designed to encourage patients to seek care, and to help doctors and health care providers better understand what to look for when treating thyroid disease.

The card also includes more information about the Mayo Clinic’s own thyroid disease testing and management program.

The new card is the first of its kind in the Mayo clinic’s nearly 80-year history, and it comes as the Mayo-affiliated Mayo Clinic Health System continues to expand.

The Mayo clinic plans to open two new locations this year, and another two new ones are scheduled for the future.

In addition to the card, the Mayo and Mayo Clinic are releasing an interactive online resource with resources, answers and questions for patients to help them understand how their thyroid disease might be treated and managed.

Patients can view the card on the Mayo website, and Mayo researchers are sharing the results of their research on the new card.

“It’s a good opportunity to share what we know about thyroid disease,” said Dr. Michael J. Fuhrmann, director of Mayo Clinic Center for the Management of Thyroids.