The White House has signaled that President Barack Obama will be asking Congress for $1.9 trillion in aid to combat the effects of climate change during his final days in office.

Obama announced Thursday that the United States will provide $1 billion for the Global Climate Coalition to combat “the worst impacts of climate disruption,” including drought, rising seas, rising temperatures and extreme weather events.

The U.S. will also contribute $1,000 per capita to the Climate Justice Fund, which will support low-income people in developing countries impacted by climate change.

As part of his final weeks in office, Obama has also directed the U.N. to “step up” and coordinate efforts against climate change, and to ensure that every country has a climate plan that will help them adapt to the changing environment.

“The climate is changing and the impacts are growing,” Obama said.

“But we have to make sure we not let the world get too comfortable.”

Obama also called on Congress to pass a bill providing a $1 trillion annual funding increase for the U,S.

Department of Energy, and other federal agencies to help with the transition to a clean energy economy.

“I know Congress has a chance to get a job done.

But I think the more I talk to Americans, the more they understand that they’re the ones that are going to make this work,” Obama told reporters at a White House news conference.

“And the more we talk to them, the better they are at making it happen.”