HADAN, Iowa — A new pandemic influenza vaccine has cleared the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its approval is expected later this month.

The FDA has approved the Haldol, an influenza vaccine that is made by a company called Biogen, for use in children and adults.

The vaccine is made to contain two different strains of H4N2 flu.

The first strain is highly effective in killing viruses in people but the second strain is not as effective in the body.

Haldol is a brand name for a combination of two H4 strains.

H4H3 is a type of H3 virus.

The new vaccine is the first vaccine to use both of the strains.

The second H4 strain has been around for some time, but this is the vaccine to be tested in humans.

The two strains were chosen based on safety data collected by the FDA and a review of data from clinical trials of different vaccine candidates.

The first vaccine was approved in September 2015 for use to prevent coronavirus.

The FDA said that the second vaccine was not approved until December last year because of the difficulty in getting enough people to participate in clinical trials.

The U.K. also approved HaldoN2 in October for use against influenza.

In the U, the first phase of trials in March showed a 70% reduction in the risk of H2N2.

In March, the U