When I first got into makeup, I was very excited to try these new fad-free options.

There were so many of them, but I was never sure if I wanted to stick with them, or if they were a waste of money.

I was always looking for something more trendy, and these new options offered me the opportunity to be more creative and use products that are more easily transferable to my skin.

I didn’t want to spend the money on a new product because it would look fake, and the products I used looked too similar to my existing products.

The first time I tried on an eye shadow, I didn�t get any compliments, but it turned out to be one of my favorite eye shadows ever!

The best part is, I used the same products over and over again and never found any issues.

That was a big step in the right direction, because I know what it takes to look like I have the right stuff.

If you want to find out more about Fad Faded, I recommend you read my FadFaded review.

FadFree Cosmetology is a brand that offers eye makeup that is not just lip gloss or concealer.

This is the brand I want to try on my eyelids first!

It’s the best, most affordable, and best fad fad makeup I’ve ever tried.

It’s available in two colors, one for the brows, and one for my eyelashes.

FADFaded is also known as  FadFree Beauty, because they use the same ingredients as Fad Beauty, but use different shades. 

FADFADED Eyeshadow Palette $35, FadeFaded.com $20.00   Lip Gloss and Concealer $18.99, Amazon.com  $15.99   Faded Eyeshadows $4.99   (5ml) $6.99 (2.5ml). 

Fader Fashion Eyeshift $19.99 (30ml), FADEFADENDS.com   Eyeshadow Primer $3.00 (3ml), FADFEAR Products $21.99 FaderFashion Beauty $11.99 Lip Gloss $12.00 (8.5 ml) ($6.49). 

I know this may seem like a lot, but this is the best fads makeup I have ever tried! 

This lose weight glide on powder makeup and it looks amazing on me.

I love the packaging.

I’m so glad that this brand is making this stuff so affordable!

I’ve already tried some of their other products that I think are better, but they are still pricey, and I can’t get enough. 

I love FAD Faded Cosmetics for all of the reasons I mentioned above, and I want to say thank you to FAD for making this product available for everyone! 

I highly recommend FAD Fashion Cosmetics for all of the Fadfaded Eyebrow, Eyelash, Liner, and Eye Makeup  products, and for any other fad beauty products that you can’t find anywhere else.