In an effort to find a way to appeal to players that are not hardcore gamers, the developers of “Nerd Cards” released an app for free in April.

The app is a card game that allows you to earn points, which you can then redeem for cash, as well as unlock new cards for play.

The game is designed for those that prefer to keep their cards secret.

“We know the gaming industry has a lot of stigma attached to this, but it is actually a really good game that can be enjoyed by anyone,” said game developer Ryan Johnson, who founded the company in 2010 with his brother.

The duo, who worked on the popular “Pokemon Go” game, started the company after playing a similar app, called “Pok√©mon Poker.”

The app was designed to help people find new friends who are not gamers and help them win money, said Johnson.

“There are a lot more people in the gaming world that don’t want to give it their best shot,” he said.

The developer also hopes the app will encourage players to try the game.

Johnson is also hoping the app helps people who are more tech-savvy.

“If you can’t get into the game, that’s fine, but the best way to get into it is to give people a chance,” he explained.

“Because when you’re playing it, you get to see the people that play it.

It’s like the best part of the game is seeing what they’re doing and then playing with them.”

Johnson said the app is still in development, but they hope to launch it in the near future.

“I’m excited to see what the reaction is,” he told ABC News.

The creators of the app have already received hundreds of thousands of downloads.

“The game is a lot fun to play,” Johnson said.

“It’s very addictive, and the way it’s designed is to help you win the game.”