The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the virus is likely not the cause of the deaths and the outbreak is not linked to a coronavirus vaccine.

The virus, dubbed MRSA, has killed more than 4,000 people in China and has infected more than 3.2 million people, according to data from the World Health Organization.

CDC spokesman Dr. Robert Geller says the CDC is looking into the causes and risks of the outbreak and how the spread could spread from infected people to others.

“I think the public is really confused about this outbreak,” he told reporters Monday.

“The virus has not been isolated from a single person, it has been spread by infected people.”

The Chinese government has declared the outbreak a national emergency and urged the public to avoid close contact with those who have been infected.

China’s Health Ministry says the outbreak has killed 1,000 to 1,400 people.

“People are spreading the virus to others, including to close contacts,” a health ministry statement said.

“They are using their phones to spread the virus.”

The outbreak has been particularly bad in the northeastern city of Nanjing, where the virus has spread from people with close ties to infected relatives, according a health official there.

The WHO said it has detected a “very high” number of cases in China.

In some parts of the country, the virus had killed about 60 people in the first 24 hours.

But it has since slowed down, the WHO said.

In China, a coronavalvirus vaccine is only being developed in a small number of hospitals, and the Chinese government said it is still working on how to distribute it.

The U.S. government has said it wants the vaccine developed, but China says it is not working on it and will need to wait for the U.N. to certify its safety.

The vaccine, however, has not yet been approved by the U,N.A.

A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Health said Monday the government is reviewing the WHO report.

“We are still looking at it very carefully and it’s not clear yet if it’s going to be released,” the spokesman said.