I can’t get my friends and family to stop talking about my clots.

We don’t want to have to ask, but my lips feel swollen and painful.

I can feel my clotting on my tongue. 

I am on a drip, but I can still feel the clots, so I don’t feel as sick as I used to.

My friend said I could get my lips to bleed too, but she thinks that is a myth. 

What’s the real cause of clots?

It’s very common and causes many more problems than clots can ever be treated. 

If you have clots you can’t see them, and if you have an infection or have a clot in your liver you can still get clots even if you can stop eating.

The cause of these clots is usually not known, and so you often have to rely on other people, or ask for advice, from friends and families. 

A clot is the discharge of blood from the heart. 

Clots can cause serious problems if left untreated, including:A stroke