The common autoimmune diseases of the thyroid include:Wegener’s thyroid diseaseWegener diseaseWegmann’s thyroid disorderWegman’s thyroid disordersT-thyroid diseaseBolland’s thyroid autoimmune thyroid disorderCushing’s thyroiditisWegner’s thyroid deficiencyHarrison’s thyroid cystic fibrosisKline’s thyroid dysfunctionGlaucoma and related gliomaWegener autoimmune thyroid disease is the most common type of autoimmune thyroid cancer.

About 10 percent of all Americans have it, and one in four people have had at least one other autoimmune thyroid condition in their lifetime.

Wegener was born in 1874 in Vienna, Austria, and died in 1923.

He was the sixth child of Johann von Wegner and Margareta Wegmann.

He had a mother who was a teacher and a father who was an engineer.

He worked as a mechanic and as a carpenter.

Wegman, who had a similar upbringing and background, was a doctor.

The Wegener family was poor.

They were also of German descent.

Their mother was born to a Jewish immigrant family in Vienna.

He also had a German-Jewish father who had converted to Catholicism.

They had a Jewish family in Hamburg, Germany, where he was born.

They emigrated to the United States in the 1920s, and the Wegeners moved to Chicago, Illinois, when they were 13.

In the 1940s, Wegener was a high school student at the University of Illinois.

He graduated in 1940.

He went to work for General Motors in Detroit, and he worked in various plants.

He married the beautiful, well-educated and very wealthy Marie Wegener.

They lived in a big house, and they had five children, four boys and three girls.

They had six grandchildren, and we had four great-grandchildren.

We had three great-great-grandmothers.

In fact, there were only three siblings in the family.

The children were very independent, and so they had a lot of fun.

Wegener’s mother always wanted him to be an engineer and to go to college.

She wanted him in the business world, so he went to engineering school in the United Kingdom.

He started working at General Motors, and then he moved to Michigan, where his mother still lived.

Wegen was very proud of his family, and she was very happy to see him do well.

We were always very proud that they had the means to educate their son, and to take care of him.

When he was a teenager, he had a friend who became ill with glioblastoma multiforme, which is a kind of cancer of the immune system.

He died from that disease in 1947.

I had never seen him suffer.

We lost a great friend in that family, but he was very much a part of our family, too.

We knew him as a very gentle and kind, gentle, very good-natured person.

He was very active in the community.

He became a member of the church, the Boy Scouts, and in the youth organization.

He attended various schools and churches.

He even played basketball with his friends in their neighborhood.

He had a very good memory, and I think he was always interested in science and technology.

He wanted to be a scientist, and had a wonderful mind.

He liked reading and was very fond of reading.

He wrote a lot, and his poems were always beautiful and imaginative.

He loved playing basketball and tennis.

He always had a good time.

He never had a bad time.

The only time he had an incident was when he was on the golf course and somebody knocked him down.

He got up and went to the hospital, and that was that.

The doctors gave him an antibiotic.

I was really surprised.

He said, ‘Oh, I am fine, I just need an antibiotic.’

He was a very active person, very talented, very patient.

I think his whole life was about making people happy.

He would do things for the people who needed it.

He would do the things for his friends who needed a hand, and it was just a joy for him to help people.

He loved nature.

He often went camping with his father.

He played golf in his youth, and was active in nature.

When he was young, he played tennis, and later went to tennis tournaments, too, which was always very fun for him.

I loved to be around him.

He enjoyed spending time with his family.

I know he would always love to have dinner with his mom and dad, and with his sister, and would often take them camping, too because he loved nature so much.

I have always loved reading and writing.

I did that when I was young.

He did the same thing.

He read books and novels that he had been reading in his life.

I have always been fascinated by the sciences and the natural world,