IGN is giving you the inside scoop on the new Metroid game that will be released this holiday season.

In the past, Nintendo has not officially revealed its Metroid: New Game Plus plans, so it is unclear when Nintendo is planning to do so.

We do know that Nintendo is “still looking at” new Metroid games, and that there are plans for a sequel to Metroid: Other M. There’s no word yet on whether or not these new Metroid titles will include Samus’s old partner, Ridley.

The Metroid series has been around for more than a decade now, but the game’s sequel, Metroid: Zero Mission, is expected to arrive this year.

In addition to its first game, Metroid Prime 4: Echoes, Metroid V: Zero Hour, Metroid X: Zero Hours, and Metroid: Borderlands, Metroid 5: Echoes will likely be released in 2018, and possibly 2019.

Nintendo has yet to reveal whether or when Metroid: Remaster will be available in the U.S. Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console will come with a built-in SD card slot, allowing users to download games for free.

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller will come preloaded with Metroid: V, the third game in the series.

Metroid: The Sapphire Book is also scheduled to arrive on Switch in 2018.

Metroid Prime is scheduled to launch for the Switch in 2019.